Simple vector clipart for a simple price



One of the challenges of making anything – a presentation, website, advertisement – is to find the image, that is the right one not only for your eyes – but which will also appear natural to your customers’ eyes. For these purposes, vector clipart serves best – scalability, simple, minimalistic shapes and bright colors add a stylish touch to any project.

This project began way back in September 2013, started by two friends from Slovak Republic – back then it was a free vector clipart web-site, mostly struggling to survive on the money raised from advertising. It comprised a few orphaned (which lost their original owner or were rejected by him) pictures as well as custom works made by our company – both rejected and not, as well as largely modified (to a point where it is no longer recognizable as original clipart used to make it) vector images, which over time piled up. And so this website was born.

After a while, the website’s parent project grew more or less successful, which also increased the aforementioned stockpile of clipart images, which grew from to dozens to hundreds respectfully. This urged for a change in our business approach, so now any clipart on the site is properly licensed with a commercial Royalty-Free license at affordable rates.

Today, our modest vector clipart collection is available for all our potential customers worldwide. We make personal approach to our clients a priority; our support center is available anytime through “Contact Us” option on the website.

As was already mentioned, we are the owners of all the images presented on the website, and all of them are licensed and protected. If you make or have some of your own images, then, alas, there is no option to register and sell your vector clipart here, so you should search for other options (such as